Penguin Diner

About this game

Penny is lost and needs to go home, to achieve this she is raising money by working as a waitress. Each day will be more complicated and you will have to gather the money in time to be able to continue with your trip. You can also buy upgrades to serve customers faster.

When a customer arrives, click on him and then click on a table to place him on it. Then attend them when they call you by raising their hands, you must take his order. Then you must collect the customer's order from the food area, and at the end the customer will leave you a tip.

If a customer gets angry, he will leave without paying. In that case you should get rid of the food in the bin. Remember that Penny can carry two plates at the same time. The faster you serve them, the better tips they will give you. And remember that you have until 9pm to raise enough money.

How to play?

Left click